Saturday, February 15, 2014

New Apartment New Nursery

Kevin and I moved into a new apartment. The move was necessary for our lives, with Kevin being closer to work and with me being closer to Kalona Junction. This apartment is a step fancier than our last apartment since this one has a fireplace (whoa!), but we are short on space... 

We need space for an office, a mini-gym and a nursery. So, we got creative with the spare bedroom. I opened up the closet to add the square footage and put Roslyn's crib right inside! My mother-in-law was mortified that we have Roslyn sleep in the closet, but I hope that you agree that her crib space is CUTE, and the closet-aspect of her sleeping situation is hardly noticeable. Ha, she loves her sleep space. So, here it is... Before and after:

Vintage Valentine Frenzy

I hope everyone had a romaaaantic Valentine's! Woot woot! 
Men were buzzing in and out of Kalona Junction buying their honey's gifts. I guess chivalry isn't dead yet.

So, before Karen and I put everything away at the shop, here are pics to commemorate the occasion.

We love vintage v-day cards!

Karen got in scads of vintage flour sacks!

Scrabble letters were perfect for decorating.

Red jewelry was a must around V-Day.

For the quirky decorators, we had heart anatomy cards!