Friday, November 11, 2011

How to: Window Picture Frame

Here's a REALLY quick and REALLY easy DIY project - A 5 minute task....if you have an old 6 pane window lying around ;)

This old window was found at a Garage Sale for a real bargain. The lady put in new windows and wanted the old ones to go to a good home. I considered my home as good as any, I suppose, I'd treat the window right. This window was an easy clean-up. Just a little Windex really. Some older windows that I have gotten require MUCH more labor. Some have required bleach, sanding and/or layers of varnish.

Once your blank window "canvas" is ready, pick out your favorite 6 photos. It is important to pick pictures that will coordinate. Either in theme, or color, or people... or something. I chose my WEDDING photos! Yay! Shameless, I know... but I wanted something that would look elegant. And, I used photos that didn't show my husband or my faces to keep it intriguing.

Decide the layout of your 6 photos. My pictures included 3 that were up close pictures with texture and 3 that were people shots, I staggered the photos to make the over-all appeal balanced.

Next, use "Scrapbook Corner Adhesives" from Hobby Lobby. A cheap and AMAZING way to keep the photos in place. And they're clear, so it is an illusion that the photos are squashed between two sheets of glass, but no, this is SOO much easier!

Then, grab the corner stickers place them on two corners of a photo (I start with only two corners with stickies so it doesn't get out of hand with four stickies getting in the way). Now, from the back side of the window, I "eyeball" where center is for each photo in the frame (if you are a meticulous type, then grab a measuring tape already!) Do that to all 6 photos. Then go back and stick the other two corners of each photo.

And viola! There is your 5 minute picture frame... Or, in my case, the 2 hour picture frame. Between cleaning the window, picking and printing my FAVORITE wedding pics and fighting the corner stickies!

Also, consider what hardware you'd use for hanging the window. I prefer thick gauge wire strung between two sturdy screws.

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