Thursday, November 3, 2011

How to: Hymn Christmas Tree

Well, I thought I'd add a few "how-to" guides of some of my creations. My new invention is the swirly hymn tree.

First, you take chicken wire and wrap it into a cone. About 14 inches tall.

Next, I cover the entire frame with full hymn pages. Then, I cut 1 1/2" wide x 4 " long strips out of pages of an old hymn. Then I curl just the ends of them up when they're in a stack. Using a hot glue gun, start gluing from the bottom up. I go around the base and then add the next layer on the joints of the layer below it (like a brick layer puts new bricks on the joints of the bricks below them). And keep working up until you're to the top! At the top you may have to adjust your hymn cuts by making a triangle cut to fit the top point, and you may even need to cut some fatter or thinner strips to fill in gaps as you go. Just work with it.
You can also hot glue a piece of black felt to the bottom to make a soft base.

And Viola! Twenty minutes later and you have a fun and swirly DIY Christmas tree:)

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