Saturday, February 18, 2012

big words on a big topic... I'm feeling opinionated today.

Ok, I'm writing this morning with a little fire under my butt, sometimes I just get that way... just hear me out.
    So, everywhere I go I am surrounded by casual sex... not in a real hooker-kind-of-way. But, just the idea. It's on the radio, in every song that makes me want to shake my "sexy thang." It's in every movie -- what guy will this main character sleep with? Oh, I wish she slept with the other guy. And, what of the movie that asks the question of "What's my number?" ... And, not my cell number, the number of how many people I've slept with.... err... is "one" the right answer? Oh...And, goodness, can I not walk down the mall corridor and wonder about our nation's future in our teenagers looking like little sex models? "Barbie and Ken"-ing themselves out to the next hottest person. And, really, is getting intimate with your high school sweet-heart really the pinnacle of life? And, why does everyone need to talk about sex as the most interesting conversation. oh wait... sex is the most interesting conversation, but do we really need to have it be the focus of "coolness"? Is that all we are America?

What of this picture? A girl, given enough self-confidence to see herself as a contributor to humanity, poised and beautiful. Waiting in maturity for experiences of life to show her who she is, and waiting for one man who will give her a lifetime of love -- the kind where he won't leave in the morning.

What of this picture? A girl, like most of us, who is hungry for attention, wanting to be loved -- wants to feel ok -- safe. Wants to be held, wants to be loved.. Throws life to the wind... to whatever comes, maybe into the arms of a man to fulfill all of her needs. That's in all of us.. I hear that... I just want you to see that it's neediness that drives us to the arms of a man. Can we be above our neediness? Can we reign in our neediness and save it for the right time, the right man, and the right place -- with the least amount of collateral damage?

I understand that it's not only media, but also biology that support sexual prowess. That the most reproducingly-friendly woman gets the most male attention. And, let's face it, I look the most at the most reproducinly-friendly males. We are wired that way, but can we not stand up and be bigger than our impulses. Can we not see, as a people, that being the prettiest and sexiest and having the most attention isn't everything. Can't we see the consequences of a nation's promiscuity. And, instead of a one night romp with the hottest man? Can't I have an entire lifetime with the hottest man in the room? ...Yes I can -- good thing my husband doesn't read this, or he would be super embarrassed...because he is that man. Ha, he'd be so mad right now...

I'm not trying to get all theological on you, but I'm guessing God gave us sexual boundaries because he didn't want a people with STD's, and broken hearts, who are preoccupied with self-indulgence and self-gratification -- thinking that's all life is. There could possibly be more to this journey...

I'm not saying everyone has to be perfect, I'm not trying to put judgment on people's decisions. Goodness, this is reality, I'm just bemoaning the fact that "lots of sex with lots of people" is the new cool. And ticked about culture's huge realm of influence on our view of sex as a flippant thing, instead of a treasured thing...  I'm just saying, when the line is drawn in the sand, I'm for wearing a white on your wedding day.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Clothes in the House

Here's picks of the place revamped with clothing!
Feel free to stop by and see it in person.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Morraccan Oil

I haven't posted about hair yet! So, here's the latest and greatest on hair in my world (which isn't a big world).
So, when I decide to do my hair and give it the attention it needs, I give it a dose of Morroccan Oil. Love this stuff! It is an oil that needs to be applied about two times a week, right after the shower when your hair is damp. It does wonders at restoring damaged hair. My hair has never been so healthy looking! But, there is a catch -- the cost! Chasing beauty ain't free. It is about $40 dollars for a small bottle. Yikes, an investment that is worth it... just save your pennies!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Francois Fenelon - The Wise Old Monk

Francois Fenelon is one of my favorite monks. Not that I know a lot of monks to compare him with, but his writings are awesome.

A little bit about him:
He was alive during the late 1600's and early 1700's. He did so much to influence the church back in his day, but I will focus on his writings. He wrote letters to people of his time answering questions about life and character and such and then, some of those letters were compiled into a book called "Christian Perfection". His point of view is so counter-cultural -- definitely old-school and conservative. They call Francois a "Quietist" because he stresses dying-to-self with the sovereignty of God and our need for "quiet" obedience. I love his perspective and applaud most of what he says. I don't agree with him 100%, but he has my vote for Monk of the Year. He'll really make ya think....

I want to share a couple of my favorite excerpts from him.
This one's on our walk in life, and help in dissipation and sadness.

"What would one say of a man who, on a voyage, instead always going on without stopping, should pass his time anticipating the falls which he could make, and, when he does make one, in looking back to see the place where he has fallen? 'Go forward, go forward always,' you would tell yourself. I say the same thing to you. Go forward without looking behind you, and without stopping. 'Go forward.' says the Apostle, 'so that you are always in greater abundance." The abundance of the love of God, it is true, will correct you more than your own anxieties and your returnings wrapped up in yourself."
"Often sadness comes because, seeking God, we do not feel his presence enough to satisfy ourselves."
"Only be faithful in turning yourself simply to God, from the moment that you see your fault. You may well quibble with yourself. It is not with yourself that you should take your measures. When you take yourself to task for your wretchedness, I only see in your stand you alone with yourself. Poor council, in which God does not take part! Who will reach you his hand to get you out of the mire? Will it be you? Ah, it is you yourself who plunged you into it, and who cannot get you out.
  Besides, this mud is yourself. The whole basis of your trouble is that you cannot get out of yourself. Do you hope to get out of it by always communing with yourself, and feeding your sensibility by contemplating your weaknesses? You only make yourself pity yourself by all this introversion."
"The irreligious, in the midst of pleasures, have a strained joy, because they are never content with their condition. They would like to get rid of some distasteful things, and still to enjoy some delights which they lack.
  On the contrary, the faithful soul has a will which is not strained in anything. It accepts freely all that God gives it of sorrow. It wants it. It loves it. It embraces it. It would not want to leave it even if it only costs a single wish to do so, because this wish would be a selfish desire, and contrary to its abandon to Providence, which it wants never to anticipate anything.
  If anything is capable of enlarging and freeing the heart, it is this abandon."

Christian Perfection, page 95, Francois Fenelon

Pretty cool eh? It's a heavy read, I have to go over the words 8 times, but the thick language is inspiring and it drips with insight-fulness. Goodness... So, quit quibbling with yourself in selfishness... and seek only God's will...

Saturday, February 11, 2012

So excited for the TRUNK SHOW!

My first "trunk show" is tomorrow at my good friend Marie's house. I'm loading everything that I can fit into my escape and hauling south to my home town.

I'm going to display clothes, necklaces, home decor, natural cleaners, and so much more to the girls of SouthEast Iowa.

Friday, February 10, 2012 my new favorite pick-me-up!

Oh man, this site is hilarious. It compiles the funniest of posts. Here are a few examples:


 Perhaps the best one:

Ha ha ha...