Friday, February 3, 2012

Post Cards and Burlap

I had a plethora of Styrofoam balls that I didn't know what to do with. I have pondered covering them with glitter or wrapping them in tissue paper. But, I have seen some beautiful rustic cottages lately that made me look twice at burlap and old feed sacks.

I wanted a completed antique look, so I got onto my computer and cropped a couple of my Great-Grandmother's old post cards. Aren't they AWESOME!? Look, it says 1913 on the post office's stamp. I got the idea to blow up old post cards from on pinterest.

The balls are as simple as they look. I heated up the hot glue gun and cut the fabrics into strips. I just glued the end and wrapped the balls with fabric until they were covered.

 Love the Penmanship! This 99 year old post card has aged so well!
These old post cards hold such stories. Especially this next one... with... the SECRET!
 My great-grandmother received a letter from Alta. I'm not sure who this lady is. But this is what it she writes:

Sept. 24, 1913
Dear Nelda,
We have a lovely spring morning had autumn yesterday. I am going to sew to-day as fast as ever as I can; have 5 aprons to make won't I be well supplied when I get them finished. I think the folks will be home by the first of next week if not before. If I had you here I would tell you a secret but mustn't write it. As ever, Alta

Whoa! Right! I mean, what could the secret be? She "mustn't" write it? Sounds like I'd be interested in hearing that secret! The front of the post card is a sassy woman and a man fanning her with a fancy feather background. And it reads "The kind of Fanning I Like" Ha. I like to think of them having sassy secrets and telling each other.
P.S. I love their names and how they write words like "lovely" and "well supplied".
As Ever,

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