Friday, November 30, 2012

Urban Finds

Remember, We're at Urban Finds tonight from 6 to 8. And 9-4 tomorrow! It's at the Lotus Moments Event Center in Des Moines! Our last junk show of the season!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Brass Armadillo

We're excited to announce our new booth space!
We're at the Brass Armadillo, in Des Moines. It is off I80, you can see it from the interstate. Or plug it into your garmin: 701 Northeast 50th St
Once you're inside, our booth is on the back wall (they call that Des Moines St), and we're a little to the right (where Washington St intersects with Des Moines St).
It's open daily from 9am to 9pm. Come check out some of our finds!

p.s. I am so peeved. Because my computer won't recognize pictures anymore. DERRRR.
Ok, making that noise helped with my anger a little. I will try to fix the problem soon, though I have absolutely no intelligence concerning technology. So, until my husband can fix this, imagine a picture above of a darling 6 x 8 foot booth with a burlap background, and trimmings of vintage Christmas goodies. Whatever.

Brass Armadillo, Des Moines
 701 Northeast 50th Avenue  Des Moines, IA 50313
(515) 282-0082
Open Daily, 9 am to 9 pm
We're on the back wall a couple booths to the right.
It says "Simply Rooted" on a burgundy pendant banner.

*Facebook recognizes my picture, so go there to check out pics of Junk Jubilee and our Brass Armadillo Booth!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Photo: Time to start loading!!!
We're heading to our "warehouse" to load the trailer one last time!
Then, it's off to Des Moines on Thursday to set up for the wonderful Junk Jubilee!
Come and see our staging on Friday and Saturday!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

My Sister's Wedding Recep

My older sister Anna got married in Kansas in October and we had a sweet little Iowan reception. Here's some of the decorations that we put together!

 And, here's my Sis and some of the coolest girls in Southeast Iowa. I didn't even get a pic with the groom!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Stews + Little Prairie Girl = an awesome Friday

Today was our 3rd sale at Little Prairie Girl. It was a full day of removing our last sale items and restocking with Eccentric Christmas decor! I was overwhelmed with attempting this feat in 3 hours, so I asked my good friend Cassy to help.

Also, my fellow Junker, Emma, from "Stew's", had her Grand Opening this weekend in Cedar Falls! So, she couldn't be at Little Prairie Girl at her booth, so we got Cassy to help there too.

So, of course, on our way up to Little Prairie Girl, Cassy and I stopped in Cedar Falls to see what Emma had been up to. Her store was adorable and resourceful. She gives "junk" a good name.

 Emma doing her thing at Stew's
She's got large Metal Letters by the dozen! $22 each.
 She's got beautiful Christmas decorations.

 And, great taste for staging!
 Love her Apple Cider and cookies. What a hostess.
 Here's the cutie Emma! She's such a go-getter! She is so talented and driven!
 And here's Emma and Cassy. They are both as cute as can be.

So, we go to Little Prairie Girl and Cassy got comfortable with Stew's Booth!
 Beautiful Farm Table!
 More Metal Letters

And then, Cassy and I slaved away to get Simply Rooted's booth up to par.

We did it. The day was a success. Checking out Emma's new shop, and completing Little Prairie Girl Barn sale #4. And, I couldn't have done it without Cassy! Thanks Lady!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Little Prairie Girl/Stew's Weekend

Little Prairie Girl weekend has come again! It is the last show before Winter! Make sure not to miss it!
Also, my very talented friend Emma from Stew's will be opening her brick and mortar shop that weekend in Cedar Falls! Come and check out her talent!

Friday, November 2, 2012

West End Architectural Salvage

West End Architectural Salvage in downtown Des Moines is a mecca for unique finds. Karen and I took a little road trip westward on Wednesday and had to share some photos from this incredible store.

 Love the arch window, with stained glass... I could spend all of my money here!
 Mirrors are hot!
 Their style... mmmm... their style...
 I'm not sure what that contraption does, but its amazing looking.
 Love bins and letters!
 I'm always a sucker for turquoise.
 Multiple drawered furniture! YES!

 Old school edgy.

 This shop is in an old warehouse type of building. Sturdy with thick walls, brick and iron work - amazing.
 Signs rule.

 The ole' windmill fan

 Not sure what it is, but its awesome.
 Windmills. The item that I covet the most.

 Think what you could build with these scrap pieces!
A plethora of old doors. Beautiful, just beautiful.

What a treasure in Des Moines. It felt so right to be shopping within those brick walls. You should check out the place yourself some day soon. It is so worth the gas money to get there.