Friday, November 2, 2012

West End Architectural Salvage

West End Architectural Salvage in downtown Des Moines is a mecca for unique finds. Karen and I took a little road trip westward on Wednesday and had to share some photos from this incredible store.

 Love the arch window, with stained glass... I could spend all of my money here!
 Mirrors are hot!
 Their style... mmmm... their style...
 I'm not sure what that contraption does, but its amazing looking.
 Love bins and letters!
 I'm always a sucker for turquoise.
 Multiple drawered furniture! YES!

 Old school edgy.

 This shop is in an old warehouse type of building. Sturdy with thick walls, brick and iron work - amazing.
 Signs rule.

 The ole' windmill fan

 Not sure what it is, but its awesome.
 Windmills. The item that I covet the most.

 Think what you could build with these scrap pieces!
A plethora of old doors. Beautiful, just beautiful.

What a treasure in Des Moines. It felt so right to be shopping within those brick walls. You should check out the place yourself some day soon. It is so worth the gas money to get there.

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