Monday, October 29, 2012

Best Part-time Job Ever

Since closing down my storefront in Kalona, I have been cleaning horse stalls in North Liberty as my part-time job. It's a great gig to keep myself out of trouble, while I wait for my next junk sale.

And, though the horses are cool, the fresh air is cool, and the excuse to not go to the gym, because I'm already getting a workout  is cool, the coolest part of this job is my co-stall cleaner: Cassie. Dang it, she's a sassy little thing with all sorts of fun things to say...

We solved the worlds problems in those stalls, but now it's her time to move on to bigger and better things -- like pta boards. Good luck on your test lady!

Last Friday was her last day, so we made the best of it.

 Only a donut and snickerdoodle break could make these two smile this early in the morn.
 I don't know what Cassie is doing! Ha! Fox Barrel!
 Flyer with his ears back like usual... Don't let him fool ya, he likes us.
Here's Treasured, the only girl horse on the farm. She's a spunky little thing.
And then there is this girl. Daisy, you are the ugliest pig I have ever seen.
 Here's the view every morning. Faces out, all ready for feeding time.

 And, with Cassie's departure, and with my three big shows coming up, I'll be working less at the barn, and more on my projects for my sales. Yikes, 3 busy weeks ahead! But, this job was great while it lasted!

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