Monday, October 29, 2012

There's a first time for everything!

Growing up in Iowa, we take tractors for granted.

So, I went back to the homeland this weekend with Kevin (that's my cute hunk of a husband -- he hates it when I say things like that)(and the homeland is Southeast Iowa, where we both grew up). He had to help on his family farm, and I had to go to a baby shower (for my adorable friend and her adorable baby), and afterwards I met up with Kevin to ride with him spreading manure - via their new awesome tractor. 

 No, the manure part isn't awesome, just the new tractor part was awesome
 - GPS steering and all.
 Kev could pretty much just watch movies all day in that cab. Don't let people fool you, farming is amazingly easy - ha! He'd kill me if he ever read that too.

So, after some rounds of filling and spreading manure, my good friend, Marie joined us in the tractor. And, she told us that this was her first time riding in a tractor, EVER. What!? This girl has traveled across the globe by herself, she has visited over 15 countries, she's practically bilingual, does amazing things all of the time, and she has never ridden in a tractor in her 27 years of living in rural Iowa! How could this be? I don't know. We were all perplexed!
So, we took pictures to commemorate the occasion.

We told her she could drive it she wanted to (aka, push a button), but she politely declined (the picture is a fake, we're standing still). Maybe, next time we'll get her to drive. And, then, we'll get her running a combine.

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  1. Awe, thanks again Kay & Kevin for my first tractor ride!!!! Haha I think I better work up slowly to actually operating such equipment:) I am still perplexed as well... I mean my backyard growing up was a cornfield and I have uncles that farm, hmmm... oh well, I've done it now thanks to you guys!