Friday, November 9, 2012

Stews + Little Prairie Girl = an awesome Friday

Today was our 3rd sale at Little Prairie Girl. It was a full day of removing our last sale items and restocking with Eccentric Christmas decor! I was overwhelmed with attempting this feat in 3 hours, so I asked my good friend Cassy to help.

Also, my fellow Junker, Emma, from "Stew's", had her Grand Opening this weekend in Cedar Falls! So, she couldn't be at Little Prairie Girl at her booth, so we got Cassy to help there too.

So, of course, on our way up to Little Prairie Girl, Cassy and I stopped in Cedar Falls to see what Emma had been up to. Her store was adorable and resourceful. She gives "junk" a good name.

 Emma doing her thing at Stew's
She's got large Metal Letters by the dozen! $22 each.
 She's got beautiful Christmas decorations.

 And, great taste for staging!
 Love her Apple Cider and cookies. What a hostess.
 Here's the cutie Emma! She's such a go-getter! She is so talented and driven!
 And here's Emma and Cassy. They are both as cute as can be.

So, we go to Little Prairie Girl and Cassy got comfortable with Stew's Booth!
 Beautiful Farm Table!
 More Metal Letters

And then, Cassy and I slaved away to get Simply Rooted's booth up to par.

We did it. The day was a success. Checking out Emma's new shop, and completing Little Prairie Girl Barn sale #4. And, I couldn't have done it without Cassy! Thanks Lady!

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