Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dzikunu Jewelry

So, my best friend in the whole world happens to be beautiful, brilliant and creative. If we didn't grow up ugly together, I'd hate her. Seriously, she is the true triple threat, but, since we endured the horrid years of Junior High together, I know the true girl behind the current success... klutz and all!

She is currently in Med School! Whoa, right! -- she is truly too smart for her own good, but she's not a "I'm a nerd and look like a nerd"-type. No, she's the "mysterious social butterfly who's brain happens to be working a million miles an hour behind the casual smile" type.

So, while she's studying for boards and trying to keep her sanity before residency, she makes earrings for my shop! She calls it her therapy. And, I call it AWESOME. I love her style and plan on keeping all of her creations to myself. No, not really, only a couple of them... I will share the others with the world.

Come on into my shop to check them out <Dzikunu Jewelry> There are so many styles to choose from.

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