Friday, June 15, 2012

One Man's Junk is Simply Rooted's Treasure

Using junk is a new revolution in decorating. Maybe, it is because everyone is feeling a little more poor than they were 5 years ago and jumping on the "up-cycle" band-wagon is a cheap way that you can still decorate!

I love the style. It has character, it recycles, it remembers the past! What more could an old-fashioned girl hope for? You do have to have an eye for things and an imagination for "what could be." It helps if you have thrift stores, old farms, or flea markets around your area.

Here's a couple sweet finds! My latest cohort in the shop is named Karen. She is sassy, and she is talented. She helps a ton with spying good junk!


  1. Hi, this is Karen! I have loved junktiques for a long time now. Kay's shop is a dream come true for me. She has the "artsy-fartsy" flair and vision to take my junk andturn it into the latest upscale items. We had a great Amish auction in our little village and it was a dream come true. See our newest creations at Urban Finds in Des Moines in July! You rock, Kay!

  2. Hi, Karen again, We had a great weekend at The Greatest Flea Market in Iowa @ What Cheer! Except for the store with winds topping out at 60 mph, we had a fun and profitable weekend. We just love customers with a vision to see our beautiful junk as raw materials for their creative juices! Next shows are in Washington, Iowa and Des Moines - September 13 -14th...more details are coming.