Thursday, December 20, 2012

Two Best Friends from Iowa Design *LLC

My best friend in the whole wide world is Stacia. She is awesome. Sassy, brilliant, beautiful, confident, a social butterfly, and my voice of reason in life. She lives in Detroit, and her and her awesome husband just bought a house! She brought me in to do a whirlwind weekend of decorating her living room. We hit the stores on Friday and Saturday and put it all together on Sunday.

Here are the before shots:
#1) I just can't remember what we were watching... Parenthood, maybe.
#2) Stacia will kill me that I caught her off guard here! Ha!

Here's Stacia, being cute as ever!
 And, here it is, our day of work:
 We went to Home Depot at least 4 times and about 10 other stores! Our feet hurt, but we got it done!

And the finished product: We told Stacia's husband to hide for the day and surprised him that night with the re-done space.

* Oh, and the end tables and coffee table should all be like the dark wood style (matching the one on the left).
The store only had one in stock, so just pretend they all match!

 He loved it!

 We gave their living room most of the attention, but here's our quick Kitchen re-do.
 We mainly just added the sweet leather chairs and some wall decor.

So, there it was, a quick weekend to make their new house feel like home. Stacia and I pulled it off! I told her that she should drop out of med school and we should open an interior design business!

~Two Best Friends from Iowa Design, LLC~
 Kidding, she's sticking with her plans!

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