Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Grand Announcement: New Store In The Works

Karen and I have been loading and unloading trailers for the past 4 months and our old bodies are tired. So, we got ourselves a store front! I know, I know, I already had one. My husband keeps reminding me that I can't just open and close businesses when I want... But for this phase in my life, why not? Especially now that I have the help of Karen! She is as much of a risk taker as I am, and sharing ownership of a shop makes it so much more realistic.

Here are the details: it will be called Kalona Junction. It is located between The Cherry Blossom Boutique and The Kalona Bakery in the 5th street mini-mall. There is no street access, so, you will have to come in from either store that surrounds us. We will be opening on March 15th, 2013. We will have vintage and antique items, some up-cycled, some delightfully junky, clothing and jewelry.

Come and check us out!
We have just finished painting, and are ready to bring in our backdrops!

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