Friday, September 19, 2014

The Shop. Downtown Kalona, Iowa. Where 4 Businesses Collide.

Simply Rooted has joined up with three other women to open The Shop in Downtown Kalona. It is located at 424 B Ave. Open 10-4 Wed thru Sat. 

It all started on a cool day at the What Cheer flea market, Karen and I ran into another young girl who was a junker. Her name was Emma from Stew's Vintage Goods. It was junk-love at first sight. Then, on a cold day at Junk Jubilee I ran into the best staged logo I have ever seen at a junk show: it was Kate from Fig & Farm. Together with Karen and I, we would prove to be an awesome foursome.... A business foursome ... That is magical.

So, a beautiful building opened up in downtown Kalona, and we took the leap. Got started on the work of opening a retail store.... And the rest is history.
Here are some highlights!


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