Sunday, September 25, 2011

Three Doors Down

Well, first was painting, then stenciling the little bursts around the room. Next, came hanging the backdrop to my front counter -  the three doors!!!

Project 3 Doors:
This was my favorite part of the room :) They were free from my parents basement... neglected since circa 1937. I thought I'd give them fresh coats of paint and purpose.

To hang them I took a pine 2 x 4 and had my dad use his table saw to rip it down the center at 45 degrees (fyi: "cutting" a board is using a saw to shorten a board. Like cutting a 6 ft board can make two 3 ft boards.... while "Ripping" a board is sawing all along the board making it ripping a 6 ft board now makes two skinnier 6 ft boards... that's not a technical definition). So anyway, my dad ripped the 2 x 4 at an angle... so now I had two pieces of board one for the door, one for the wall, then they held the door up....

I used my measuring tape to mark on the wall where I wanted the doors to hang and then on the doors. I then used my drill to drill pilot holes, where sturdy screws could then attach one angled board to the door...  Then, I found the studs on the wall (by looking at the holes in the baseboard where the previous carpenter put nails and used a level to go up the wall where I wanted to screw)...

Once I had all of the boards screwed to the walls and the tops of doors I added spacers at the bottom of each door... so the didn't hang tilty. Then, I lifted the doors to grab the boards on the wall. And, there they were...

In all their glory :)

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