Monday, March 5, 2012

A Blast From the Past

I love all things old-fashioned. Here's a picture of the house that I grew up in circa 1930. It was thought to be built a few decades before that. I love the arts & craftsman style. It's cool to see the detail that they put into a farmhouse that long ago. I tend to minimize houses that came from the black-and-white-picture era to be square and made of planks and mud. But, this old house is awesome. I love the stucco with cedar shakes!

There is a ton of over-grown trees here. Now, there is probably 1/4 of the tree coverage.

Here is a picture from the farm down the road. It has changed so much from then til now. Most of those buildings were torn down (I fought that disappointment by supporting "Save a Barn Foundation").

  I will add a picture of my parent's place now-a-days. As soon as spring warms the air for good.

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