Thursday, April 5, 2012

Excuses, Excuses

So, I see this in blogs all the time: the apology...the, I'm sorry I haven't blogged lately [insert excuse]. And, I always think: don't apologize, just blog more...

Well.... pot calling the kettle! I apologize! For not blogging in a while! Yikes! I wanted to blog every week. That was my goal... But, I hate commitments. I do, and I have a sensitive balance in life that if I have one too many commitments, everything could very well crumple. And my last three weeks have been very much that way!

So, here it is.. the excuse:
SUBSTITUTE TEACHING! Oh my goodness, teachers need to be paid more!
So, while winter's are slow at my shop, I make some extra pocket change by substitute teaching or being a carpenter. Normally I don't mind either job as it pays the bills, but this last assignment was particularly stressful. I was a teacher for a class that was without a consistent teacher for over 10 weeks! They were a class neglected, and it showed! Bless their hearts, I actually ended up being fond of them... it was a bit of a love/hate relationship. They were genuinely funny! Just chatty... so chatty... So, 11 days and 14 detentions later, I was spent! And, I had no extra energy at the end of the night to blog (or workout! sheesh, no thanks for the guilt, pinterest! ).

But, I'm back in the swing of things! And working on my shop to get it into Spring mode!

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