Monday, April 9, 2012

Family Rocks!

What a wonderful Easter it was! Oh, since Kevin and I moved to the "big" city. We have been bustling around without a moments break. So, going home for Easter was AWESOME. We got a complete refresher with everyone being home for the holiday! All of us 4 kids have moved away, so it is such a treat to get together.
My twin sister brought her new born baby! Ahhh... and my older sister brought her new boyfriend! Ohhhhhh! And, my brother brought his wife, awesome kid and news that they're expecting! OH Da LANY! Right!?! What a great time. Goodness...

So, though I didn't capture many pics. Here's a couple of them.

How CUTE! They're teachers, so it's completely fitting!

And isn't she a bundle of beautiful! She's a complete angel! She hardly cries and sleeps through the night already! My sister hardly deserves that blessing.

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