Sunday, September 30, 2012

A bushel of Junk!

Oh, I do love a local gal's junk sale! And, the Farmer's Wife's Harvest of Junk was so cute! So glad that my mom and business cohort Karen got to join in on the fun.

 Here's Janelle beside her beautiful treasures.
Two fine ladies :) My mom and Karen. Bwa ha, they're a funny pair!
 Love the sweater pumpkins!
 What a great way to organize little trinkets!
Halloween decorations. She nailed it.
 Metal organizers and baskets! Heaven.
She's a true artist!
 Oh, just a casual shopper...
 The world as we know it.
 Just wheelin and dealin
 Just a little Judy, buying some little goodies.


  1. Awesome pictures!!!! I may steal a few!!!
    Can't wait to see you girls at Jubilee!

    1. Your junk sale was sooo cute. You have a great eye!
      It was great to have met you, and you can definitely steal pictures for your blog!