Monday, September 10, 2012

Love Her Barn!

Last weekend was our first time as a vendor at Little Prairie Girl Barn Sale, and it was incredible! Never have I seen one barn, in the middle of nowhere, collect such attention. Cars were lined up forever!

And, people were elbow to elbow on Friday night, trying to get a look. Ok, these pics are from Saturday, you can't blame me, Friday night was too busy for me to stop and grab my camera!

Here were some of our neighbor vendors.

And, check out the outdoor area.

And, here was our booth inside of the barn! Love the shabby chic look!

 After our long day of selling on Friday, Karen and I wanted to treat ourselves to a little Rest & Relaxation. Our husbands left us on to fend for ourselves, and since we have their credit cards, we pampered ourselves with an awesome room at the Isle Hotel! Completely spoiled for a night! Ha ha ha, we can't really afford to do that again, but it was great for a night!

Here's Karen and I! Doing our junk thing! This old lady and I pulled off another show! Shooo!

You can still go to Little Prairie Girl's Barn Fri - Sun (10 - 3) thru November. The barn is open to purchase items from all of the booths. However, the next huge open house isn't until Oct 12the and 13th.
Check out her facebook page: Little Prairie Girl

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