Saturday, January 14, 2012

NutriShop Opening Monday!

So, while I've been running around working on my small town decor shop, my husband has been working on opening a shop of his own: Nutrishop, an awesome vitamin, sports nutrition and weight loss store.
And it finally opens on Monday in North Liberty, Iowa! He and his business partner have been working day and night to get the store finalized (with some help from friends). And here is the final presentation...

 The Shop is on 965 clear on the North side of town. In the new StoneBridge development. The building is beautiful.
Here are my favorite products.
Nature's Fuel. It's a powder multivitamin drink mix. My husband says the powdered form is important for maximum absorption, but really, I just like the taste.
These things kinda go with that, if it's in your budget. Nature's Greens has up to 9 servings of organic veggies!
Nature's Fruits has up to 9 servings of organic fruit.
It's also in powder form, and tastes amazing!

Oh, yeah, I also take a protein so I can have energy all day (it's the ones in the red jug).
My husband takes some other products, I don't even know what they are...they're a little more for his motivation to get buff.

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  1. Nutrishop is located at the intersection of 965 and Cherry St

    Mon - Thurs 10 - 8
    Fri - Sat 10 - 7
    Sun 12 - 5