Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ball Jar Love

Mason Jars are the new thing. Who knew that young mainstream culture would embrace relics?
I'm totally into it. With our economy tanking, it is high time we all grouped together to savor the objects of old.

My embracing of the ball jar started in preparation for my wedding. The Ball jar is an old-fashioned decor that is easy to come by in rural Iowa. I started collecting the "blue-green-ish" colored ones -- because they're beautiful. And, after getting a hold of enough, I found that some of the jars had no lip at the top under the lid, and had thicker glass and air bubbles in the glass. Turns out, those are the older antique jars that dated before 1910! Who knew? Bob Clay knew. He wrote a paper on the history of the Ball company. Check it out here:

And here's his reference guide to date the jars according to the emblem style. How handy. Thank you Bob.

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