Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I Prefer Imperfect People

Due to the pressure of a squirrely door-to-door magazine seller, I now get Natural Health Magazine monthly. I felt the guilt to donate to him and his cause, so I settled on a "Natural Health" subscription.  I figured that I'd come across some topic that I'd find interesting in pages concerning health and all things natural. And, when my first issue came, I knew I must share my first find: "Flaunt your flaws" -this was a section in the magazine I could relate with! It stated that the 2012 summer beauty trend is to be imperfect! Washing and brushing your hair less and having less perfect makeup. Yes! I knew it! I'm beautiful! At least for this season!

And, I'm pretty much trend setting, as I've been a forerunner in this "natural avenue to beauty" since 1995. When other girls woke up early to curl their hair before school, I stayed slumbering, knowing one day, I'd be recognized for this "natural beauty".

And, my favorite friends in life happen to share this same trend setting ability. On a trip to Europe 5 years ago, 3 of my great friends and I went to visit my sister in Spain. After a grueling day of travel, enduring motion sickness and a lack of showers, we got to the hostel. I was ready to look the 2007 version of beauty and asked the girls if I could borrow a brush, I didn't think to bring one, and neither had any of them. :) A moment I smiled upon then, and I smile upon now. That is when our friendship was sealed forever. And, who knew in 5 years that we would be the image of beauty.

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